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Starting Saturday, August 27th, 2016 you must use a new temporary agent name on your form SSA-89.


Old agent name:

 Martin Information & Investigations LLC dba USinfosearch.com;

5330 East Main Street Ste# 101b Columbus, OH 43213




Computer Information Development, 713 W Duarte Rd #106, Arcadia, CA 91007


This change is temporary, as our volume will exceed Martin's allotment of SSN verifications provided by the SSA under their CBSV program and they are unable to provide Martin with more until October 1, 2016. We fully appreciate this type of change can be disruptive to your business, but we have exhausted all options to convince the SSA to allow Martin more SSN verifications before October 1. This issue is a one-time problem as our allotment going forward has greatly increased.


Starting on August 27th if your form SSA-89 shows the agent name Martin Information & Investigations, we will reply with an error message requiring you to submit a new form with the agent name Computer Information Development, before we can process your order.


Please do not use the temporary agent name before August 27th or after September 30th.


The return time of your form SSA-89 orders may be a little longer, but we will strive to continue to return your SSN verifications as soon as they are available.


Thank you for your continued business, and again, we apologize for the inconvenience.



For further information, please contact your account executive.



July 1st Deadline


On June 23rd, the IRS issued a memorandum to all IVES participants outlining new compliance requirements. Effective for all requests received after July 1st, 2016 all clients will need to re-validate by having the responsible representative of your company verify the following: Name of Company President, CEO, Managing Member, or any other responsible party acting on behalf of the client Last four digits of the social security number of the responsible party Company EIN (employer identification Number) Company full legal name Company primary physical address Failure to comply with the above IRS compliance requirements will cause a service disruption for all transcript requests. To comply by the IRS deadline of July 1st, 2016 a representative of our company may be contacting each of you to complete a re-verify form. In addition please complete the attached attestation addendum for compliance purposes

User Attestation Form

In addition to the responsible party requirements as outlined above the IRS is also requiring that each employee with access to IRS transcripts meet a minimum verification process as outlined below: full legal name date of birth current residential address social security number (SSN) the company-issued email address TaxReturnVerifications.com reserves the right to request the user list verification at any time in response to any IRS security audits. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 615-250-2005 orCOMPLIANCE@CICCREDIT.COM


TaxReturnVerifications.com has a new Domain 

We have listened to our clients and now have the domain verify4506t.com the new domain says it all. Taxreturnverifications.com is a leader

at verifying 4506t so the new domain says it all. The new domain will be in addition to the standard domain. When you need to verify 4506-T 

look no further than here.


Electronic Signatures

TaxReturnVerifications.com a service of CIC Credit announces a new innovative way to process all electronic signatures. TaxReturnVerifications.com has partnered with DocuSign to assist in a painless complete turnkey solution to easily have your borrower sign from their computer, tablet, or even their mobile device and send to the IRS for processing 24/7. Once you’re borrower signs then our technology takes over and within as little as 24 hours we will send the IRS transcript order.


Also unlike many of our competitors we saw a need to allow other electronic signature technologies so TaxReturnVerifications.com will allow any electronically signed 4506T to be uploaded to our site along with electronic envelope information to be processed and sent to the IRS as well.



Single use Service

TaxReturnVerifications.com is proud to announce a new single use service for those individuals that may need a one-time IRS tax transcript for personal use. Many financial aid offices will require tax transcripts in connection with a financial aid application. Our single use service can return those documents to you within a couple days which will expedite you financial aid application.


please email support@taxreturnverifications.com for the order form